About Us

First comes comfort, than the looks


Here at Vikk & Co, we believe that the style and exterior should not compromise the comfort aspect of the shoes. Good looking shoes are great until you cannot wear them for longer than 30 minutes. Our customer- approved guarantee is to provide comfortable pair of shoes while looking sharp. Our craftsmen strive to combine comfort with style to create luxurious men’s footwear. Using Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather, each pair of shoes is made in Italy, where hard work and dedication are an unbreakable part of lifestyle.   
Handcrafted in Veneto Region of Italy, our craftsmen concentrate on quality to make sure our shoes are as long-lived and traditional as the region it comes from. 
Our goal is to create the perfect pair of shoes for each individual, whether it will be for the next meeting or a weekend getaway. We attempt to make each pair unique and fitting for each person as shoes are one of the most important ways to set your style and the tone of the room you enter.

We believe that footwear is a piece of art and the process requires certain talents as well as a proper muse. As you leave your footprints on the world, we are here to help you look good while doing so.