Why You Should Choose Quality Over Fast Fashion

In a world where everything is available and accessible instantly, we have gotten spoiled and impatient. Nobody wants to wait for anything anymore. Whether it’s a product, service or simply information, technology has made it so easy to find what we are looking for. In the constant process, however, not many stop to think about what they are giving up for the speed. The high demand and limited time lead to products and services to concentrate more on what’s faster than what’s important – quality.

This is how fast fashion is made, causing lower quality products to spread. So, while inexpensive and fast products might sounds appealing, let’s discuss what we are giving up to get them.


We already mentioned how quality is compromised in order for products to be made faster. Usually, manufacturers will spend more time on producing as many products as possible and skipping on quality. This leads to the products having a very short life span and they fall apart after couple of wears.


Fast Fashion’s # 1 drive is trend – what’s popular. While creative directors and designers focus on creating high end, original products, fast fashion manufacturers simply copy the trend in cheap and poor ways. This might not be a big deal for the manufacturers and their competition, but designers and creators of these products lose their originality and credit.

Working Conditions

As we discuss the disadvantages of fast fashion as consumers, we also need to think about the people who actually make these products. Since the prices are so low on these products, the employees who make them often work in unacceptable and threatening conditions. They also make less than minimum wage making it near to impossible to be compensated for the work they do.

Health Effects

A study on the chemical penetration from textiles to skin by The National Center for Biotechnology Information indicates “that benzothiazole can be released from textile materials, penetrate through the skin, and further enter the human body. This will possibly also apply to other chemical contaminants in textiles, and the results of this study indicate that the presence of these textile contaminants entails potential health risks.


We talked about the short life span of these products. So, what happens after they “fulfill” their short purpose? Think about the effect that has on our environment. Fast Fashion items often end up going straight to the landfill after being deemed “unsellable”. That means the more cheaply made products are out there, the more waste will be put out in the world.

Here at Vikk & Co, we believe that quality should not be sacrificed for speed, and that excellence takes time and patience. We also believe that creativity and originality should be rewarded.

Vikk & Co shoes are manufactured in Veneto, Italy and in Armenia. They are handcrafted and hand made by 3rd generation shoemakers. Our factory in Italy and in Armenia are family owned.

Our shoes are limited edition models, manufactured in small quantities. Models/designs are available for limited time where clients can order them through our website. The shoes are exclusively made in small quantities every 55-70 days. This is due to the fact that each pair is carefully designed, crafted and handled. 

Next time you consider following Fast Fashion trends, do your research to find out where and how exactly these items are made. After all, they do say that good things come to those who wait!

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