The Power of Appearance

No matter how much people say “don’t judge a book by its cover” or “looks can be deceiving”, when meeting someone for the first time, we all can’t help but notice one’s appearance first, and let’s be honest, form a decision based on that appearance. While agreeing that you should not stereotype or judge someone before getting to know them, when it comes to style, fashion choices can say a lot about a person before he/she gets the chance to.

We like to think of your personal style as a way for you to tell the world who you are without having to speak. It is important that your looks reflect your personality, character and lifestyle. You should be who you are and dress however you want – no question about that, there is, however, the necessity of leaving a lasting impression that has more to do with the art of presenting yourself.

First Impressions
Whether it’s your first day of college or a job interview, maybe a presentation in front of new prospects, you must take the time to make yourself look presentable. Going back to the beginning of this blog, the first thing people will notice about you when you walk into a room is what you are wearing and how* you are wearing it. Make sure you look sharp or maybe add memorable details to your look. Take a look at our previous blog to learn the Art of Accessorizing.  

Dress Code
This is not about uniforms but rather knowing what to wear for each occasion in life. You might think that this is common sense and you have an idea how to dress when going somewhere, and while we believe you do - take the extra step, do some research before attending a meeting or an event. You might find inspiration or a detail to complete your look and make you stand out, and who does not want to leave an impression when walking into any room? There are so many different apps and websites these days to look at for style inspiration, use one!

When talking about first impressions, we mentioned that aside from what you wear, people often notice how you wear it. You might wonder what that means. This is about the confidence you have when you wear an outfit, how you carry yourself and act around others. Trying new fashion choices out of your comfort zone can be intimidating. You will start wondering if it was the right decision or feel self-conscious. Our advice? Own it! Whether you wear that same style every day or are thinking about trying something new, do it with confidence, because the only way to make an outfit look good is to wear the hell out of it.

It all comes down to thinking and planning your style. Doing some research about your outfit will not make it any less yours – it will even help you discover more about yourself. Sure, we all have days where we just want to wing it, and that’s fine, but when it comes to the theme of your fashion, you want to make sure its memorable and long-lasting, so do your homework before exiting your home.


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