The Art of Shoemaking

The Art of Shoemaking

The art of shoemaking has been thriving since the beginning of time. What started as a way to protect feet, has turned into a fashion statement and one of the most important aspects of an outfit. While different styles and materials have been used to create man’ footwear, main shoe types have stayed the same since the 19th century.

The styles might have remained the same, but the process of shoemaking has improved and peaked throughout the years. It used to take different departments for each step of the shoemaking process to get done – now, the process is much more efficient, making it easy for our shoemakers to get the products to our customers in a timely manner.

Here at Vikk & Co, our customers are our muses and a big part of the shoemaking process. That is why we would like to share the journey your shoes go on before making their way to you!


It all starts with a vision. That idea is converted into a sketch on a piece of paper. The shoe is drawn from every angle and includes all the details by our team. The process begins with designing different types of lasts and templates, which are later used in the shoemaking process.

Shoe lasts

Shoe lasts are essential to the shoe making process for the perfect fit. These lasts can be used by our shoemakers for years and are made of copper beech and hornbeam.


During the stamping stage of shoemaking process, our team cuts and marks the required leather pieces.


The leather cuts made in the previous step are sewn together. First, the pieces composing the upper are sewn together, followed by the lining. The completed shaft is reinforced with a toe cap and counter.


Assembling represents the core element of the shoemaking process. The step is what gives Vikk & Co that vision we had in the first step of the process. This is when the shoe comes together and makes the idea into a reality.

Shoe Room

Before getting the shoes to the customers, they must go through the shoe room first to ensure detailed observation and last minute touches. There is where the shoe polish is added, shoe laces are threaded and the shoes are shined by our talented shoemakers!

The final step of this journey is getting the shoes to our customers.

At Vikk & Co, each step of the shoemaking process is very crucial, as we strive to present our customers with the best and most unique footwear.  

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