The Art of Accessorizing

 A good old-fashioned traditional suit will never go out of style. Your choices of color, pattern and material will set the message of your outfit when you walk into a room. It is no surprise that your look is the first thing people notice about you before you can even start speaking. So, why not let your style do the talking?

As classic as your suits are, it never hurts to add different accessories to finish the look and make it your own. Here are different ways to pull your outfits together, giving it personal details and characteristics.


It will be very fitting to say that this accessory is timeless. While the styles and types of watches might change in with time and trends, the actual idea of a nice watch will always be a good addition to your look. Whether you’re going with stainless steel or leather band arm candy, with the right choice, it’s guaranteed to catch a few eyes. Check out these NORQAIN watches from a family owned and fully independent watch company, based in the heart of watch industry in Switzerland. 


Just when you think there is no way to make a dressy button up even dressier, cufflinks to the rescue! Your classic dress shirt often go unnoticed and don’t receive as much attention worn under your suit. Cufflinks are a great way to bring the attention to your shirt and make it more fun. There are so many different colors and styles of cufflinks. Make it more personal by getting your initials on them, making introductory hand-shakes impressive and farewells memorable. 


Nothing holds an outfit together like a nice leather belt, literally and metaphorically. If you are trying to give your look a more modern feel, give your belt a sneak peek by leaving your blazer unbuttoned. When color coordinated with the right pair of shoes, belts can be a trendy detail to your outfit.

Ties/Pocket Squares

Ties and pocket squares are must-haves in every gentleman’s wardrobe. While they can be worn separately depending on occasion and personal preference, these two go hand-in-hand and are often color/style coordinated. These accessories will give your suit a fresh, clean look while making it more modern.


You have your watch, your cufflinks, belts, ties and pocket squares, maybe not all at the same time, but you still need one last finishing detail to pull your look together. Eyewear’s primary use is to protect yourself from those sunny days, but we can all agree that they stopped being just a shield a very long time ago. For decades, glasses have been an important part of accessories, giving gentlemen that mysterious look and making people wonder what’s behind them. Just make sure not to wear them indoors or at night, you don’t want to be “that guy”.


There are so many ways to add to your look, make it your own and set your tone when you walk into a room. Take a pick at which one you would like to add to your wardrobe or get them all, one each day.

Check back next week for our blog to find out how to put together an outfit with all the different accessories!

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