Pairs of Shoes Every Man Needs

It is known how much women love their shoes, but it is hardly talked about men and their footwear. While men do not talk about shoes as much, they surely do their research before making the decision on what to purchase.

We are here to contribute to your research, as we discuss pairs of shoes every man needs in his closet. As you might have noticed, trends and styles are ever-changing, but there are classic men’s shoes that never go out of style.


This pair is as classic as it gets when it comes to men’s shoes. Whether you have a meeting to prepare for, an event to attend or just date night, Oxfords will give your look a clean, classic finish.

Monk Strap

Monk Straps is considered more advanced when it comes to men’s shoes. It is less formal than Oxfords, however, they will still give you the elegance your outfit desires. These shoes are more modern and a must-have in your closet.


The next must-have is Derby style. While this style is in contrasts with that of the Oxford, it does not mean you must choose one style over the other.Derbies were a popular sporting and hunting boots in the beginning, but by the 20thcentury they had become appropriate for wear in town and now, they are one of the classics.


Where style meets comfort, loafers to the rescue. These shoes are known to be worn with city lounge suits to give the outfit more of a laid-back feel. Loafers make the perfect shoes for casual Fridays and that much-needed weekend trip.   

Chukka Boot 

Don’t let the “Boot” part in the name fool you, these are not just your regular winter shoes. Chukka Boots make those cold mornings warmer without costing you your outfit. Pair it with an elegant coat and bring in the heat!

At Vikk & Co, craftsmen understand and appreciate the importance of men's footwear and all the different shoes you need in your closet. That's why they are currently working very hard to bring these pairs of shoes to you, so you have the perfect shoe options for every occasion in your life. 


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