How to Take Care of Your Leather Shoes

Finding the right shoes is the first step in your shoe game process - taking care of them and keeping them looking as good as new all the time is a routine that requires certain attention. While one might think that all we need to clean shoes is a towel, when it comes to leather, the shoe care process is more detailed.


Cleaning Leather Shoes

Before starting the process, make sure you put on gloves and choose an area with a covered surface to prevent the leather cleaner from getting on furniture or yourself. Then, using the applicator, spread the product on your shoes. Afterwards, use the brush to remove dirt from the surface.

Let the shoes dry before shining them!

Conditioning Leather Shoes

Conditioning your shoes is just as important as conditioning everything else. It moisturizes the leather, making them softer and prevents cracking. The leather will absorb the conditioner, so all you need to do is spread it onto your shoes until every part is covered. After you finish, clean any conditioner remaining on the shoes.

Polishing Leather Shoes with Traditional Shoe Polish

When it comes to polishing your shoes, there are many options you can choose from, such as liquid polish, cream or paste. You can get whichever works best for you as far as durability, easy application or timeliness. Also, make sure the choose the color that works best for the kind of shoes you have.

After selecting the color, apply the polish on a small area of the shoe to make sure it matches, then rub the polish onto the shoe using a soft cloth and let is dry. After they dry, shine the shoes with a shining brush or a cloth.

Protecting Your Leather Shoes

If you want to take an extra step to protect your shoes, waterproofing is a great way to keep them shielded and looking good. Depending on the weather conditions and how often you wear them, there are different ways to protect leather shoes – beeswax or a spray. Beeswax adds a layer on your shoes rather than being absorbed by them, which creates a barrier against water.

A spray on the other hand protest the shoes and is invisible, which protects against mild to moderate wet conditions, as well as dirt. 

No matter which polish or waterproofing method you prefer, taking care of your leather shoes will keep them durable and looking as good as new.

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