Fashion in the Midst of a Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic has overturned just about every aspect of our daily lives. With tens of millions of Americans out of work, the deepening recession has forced many people to rethink their spending. The retail industry has seen one of the biggest hits as closures and lack of costumers due to social distancing and wanting to avoid big groups has become the new normal. With this, predicting upcoming trends and creating demand for products has become harder than ever.

As Fashion Industry being one of the areas that has taken a drastic clash, we look into the changes the “new normal” has had on our daily style, as well the future of it.

Online Shopping More Popular Than Ever

The retail industry and in-person shopping was already seeing a decrease pre-Pandemic. The fear of being in public places and in large groups, however, has made malls, department stores and shops the last place people want to visit. The already raising online shopping has made all brands improve their virtual existence to maintain their sales. These days, with overnight or 2-day shipping, customers are able to receive their products without having to leave their couches.

It’s All About Comfort

Speaking of not leaving their couches, people are also switching into more comfortable clothing options as we all continue to stay home more. Lounge-wear has seen a drastic increase in sales and sweatpants have become the new global uniform. Sure, you must put on a button up for that one Zoom call, but that does not mean you cannot have your PJ bottoms on while doing so.

Switch to More Casual Clothing Options

As we mentioned, the sweats and lounge-wear have taken over our wardrobes as we work from home. But even the ones returning to their offices are seeing that companies are becoming more lenient as far as the traditional office-wear. Many workplaces are starting to enforce more casual attires for their employees now that we are transitioning back to work.

Romantic Minimalism as The Upcoming Trend

We are all hoping to get back to “normal”, whatever that might look like, very soon. When will that happen? Nobody knows. What the designers and stylists are predicting, however, is the rise of minimalism as a trend this upcoming year. This time has given everyone a chance to reconsider, and even experiment with their personal styles. While the comfort aspect is still very important, many people find themselves dreaming about being able to dress up and put together outfits like they used to. Pairing a button-up with a dark sweater and your favorite white kicks might be the best go-to minimalist outfit for this autumn.

Clothing as a Statement

As face coverings continue to be one of the most important parts of our daily lives, they also take away our most important feature – our smiles. People find that with half of their faces being covered, they need to use clothing and their style to make a statement and draw attention. The Art of Accessorizinghas always been a way to do just that. Choosing your theme colors for the season as well as key items to add to your outfits (like that pocket scarf or your favorite watch) will also do that.


Overall, while coronavirus has had its long-lasting effect on Fashion, it has not slowed it down. Creative people will always find a way to express their ideas and styles through fashion and it is not going to stop now. Use this time to declutter your wardrobe, rethink your style, and even try new things. If there is one thing the current situation has given is – it’s time. Use it wisely.


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