Fall Style Essentials for Gentlemen

Summer is coming to an end. As we all approach the 4th quarter, things are about to change. Whether it’s the season, weather, work or everyday life, one thing that is guaranteed to change - your wardrobe. This is the time to hide away summer clothes and bring out layers and warmer outfits. However, just because your wardrobe is going to change, doesn’t mean your style has to.  You can have the same sharp and elegant style in the fall, just with layers. 

We have gathered for you the Fall Essentials every Gentleman should have in his wardrobe to keep your image throughout the new season. 

White Button-Up

This is a necessity year-around. A well-fitted while button-up is the base of a great outfit, weather you wear a tailored suit or just throw on a sports jacket. The good news is, now you can do so without the heat. This item gives you so many ways and opportunities to dress up… or down. 

Cashmere Sweater 

This sweater is the best way to look good and be comfortable. Throw this on over the white button-up we just mentioned, and your outfit is complete. For fall, navy, grey and burgundy are perfect color options. Another advantage to this is the fact that you can wear it with dress pants to the office or keep it casual with jeans on the weekends. 

Wool Pants

Another option to combine style and comfort. If you want to mix it up and ditch the regular suit, wool pants will be the perfect choice. The material really adds another dimension to the outfit, making it look like you’ve really put a lot of work in it.  

Leather Belt

This is another essential that should not be seasonal in your wardrobe. However, fall is the perfect time to add accessories to your look. Color-coordinate it with your shoes, and you are good to go!

Classic Chukka Boots

Nothing says Fall more than a nice pair of the Classic Chukka Boots. It is the ultimate transition from one season to another, also preparing you for winter. Mix and match this with the Leather Belt mentioned above and thank us later. Check out our Original Collection for a variety of our Nicolo Chukka Boots


A plain, classy turtleneck is a great change from the everyday look. Paired with a nice suit, it can really  add a certain sharpness to your look while keeping you warm. 

Knitted Cardigan 

For those more casual outings, switch your jacket with a knitted cardigan. A cardigan may be less intimidating but still give you the tone you want to set when walking into a room. Neutral colors are preferred for this as darker colors can come off as heavy.


One disadvantage about fall is having to cover up your whole outfit as the days get colder. Many believe that just because people cannot see what’s underneath, outerwear is not important. This is where the mistake is made. The right coat can do wonders for your personal style. Whether you decide to go with black, brown, navy, grey or even beige for fall, a Topcoat is a must.

Leather Gloves

During certain months, in certain places gloves are necessities, not an option. However, nobody said you can’t look good by staying warm. In fact, that’s the only way we like to do so. No matter what kind of material or texture you choose for your outerwear, leather gloves will always be a classic and will never go out of style. 


To complete your fall look, all you are missing is the right scarf. Depending on your overall outfit, there are so many different shapes, colors, textures and styles of scarf to add another layer to the clothes. 



While summertime is when all the layers come off, you want to add them back for fall. Layers add so many dimensions to your outfit, making it look fuller and complete. One thing, however, you want to make sure you don’t do is overdoing it. At this point you just look cold. 


While Spring & Summer, and sometimes even Winter Holidays, is when one would bring out different colors and mix & match, fall is all about harmony. If you haven’t before - try monotone outfits. Put together a look that consists of the same colors but different shades. Match your navy pants with a light blue shirt and a dark blue cardigan or blazer. You can do the same with grey, brown, beige, even black! (Yes, there can be different shades of black)


If monotone is not really your style, or you want something different and outstanding to make a statement, add a pop-of-color to your look. Wearing all black outfit? Try the Burgundy Leonardo Wholecuts from Vikk! Add a statement scarf to a plain coat, or even gloves. It only takes one bold accessory to complete the look. 

However you choose to dress this fall, just remember to dress warm, to dress well and to dress to express not impress. 


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